Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Las Catedrales de Cuenca, Ecuador

There are an incredible number of churches in Cuenca, 19 in El Centro alone! Without a doubt, the most impressive are the old and new cathedrals. Construction of La Cathedral Vieja started in 1567, but it fell into disuse upon the completion of La Catedral Nueva, when the Old Cathedral became a museum. Construction of the New Cathedral began in 1868 and lasted until 1968. With Parque Albón Calderón in the middle, this is a hub of the city.

I had visited the cathedrals several times already, and had taken pictures at night, but today was the first time I entered the New Cathedral. I was astounded! Luckily, I was there just in time for a tour, a tour of El Crypto in the basement, and La Terraza on the roof.
The Old Cathedral

The New Cathedral from across Parque Albón Calderón
The park is beautiful!

The Old Cathedral with light traces. Stop-and-go traffic here in the evening.
I had great difficulty deciding which images of the interior to display on my blog, so many to pick from. I was really glad I had my new camera so that I could push the ISO to 3200, as flashes aren't allowed, and a tripod would be obtrusive. 

Many devotees there, even at noon on a Wednesday.

Big or what? When originally built, the Cathedral could hold 9,000 of Cuencas 10,000 citizens!

The ceiling dome.

Then after walking around in a daze making images, I joined a tour (for $2).
First we went into the crypt in the basement where the remains of religious
devotees were interred.

Then we climbed up the stairs (all 155 of them!) to the roof. 

What a view!

El Parque down below. 

And upon leaving the Cathedral was this guitarista. 


  1. Amazing architecture and designs. Great exposures at night.

  2. Thank you for sharing John. Great blog.

  3. very good pictures John. Cathedrals are always amazing, and this one is!
    Jacqueline B.