Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Contemplative Stroll

Ron Brandner from Port Alberni made an inspirational presentation at our Harbour City Photography Club meeting last night titled "A Contemplative Approach to Photography." This motivated me to look for the "small stuff" on my walk in Linley Valley this morning. I didn't get very far in my hour-long outing, as I spent most of the time looking and photographing. My dog was glad when I finally put the camera away and took her for a run!

One thing he had suggested doing, was to take photos of leaves from underneath, and I like the looks of these two photos:

He also suggested looking for dead or dying leaves and/or flowers, and of course there were plenty of those:

And there were some tiny flowers in bloom, too:

And some blooming salal:

I also noticed an rotten old tree that I had walked by countless times before, but had never stopped to look at it:

And upon closer inspection I found all kinds of interesting stuff:

And I spotted many other spider webs along the way:

And finally managed to focus on this little spider:

And this old stump caught my eye, too:

I thought the photo of this tree, that I'd seen countless times before, was a nice way to end my walk: