Monday, September 5, 2016

Magical Macro

Last week I purchased a set of electronic extension tubes - a 10mm and a 16mm. An inexpensive way to do macro. I find that with my 16-50 mm lens I only need the 10 mm tube. I received the tubes last Thursday morning, and in the afternoon I just went out near our house on Stephenson Point to see what I could find.

It had rained earlier, and some raindrops on a spider's web caught my eye:

Then, I tried an F/16 of this dune tansy.

And of course there were ample blackberries.

rose hips,

Oregon grape,

and maple leaves.

And then on the way home I photographed the mugo pine cone in a neighbour's yard:

This shot looks much different than the close-up I took on Tuesday:

Then, Friday afternoon I went down to Piper's Lagoon at low tide and I rearranged some shells and barnacles for "still lifes:"

And then I peered into a shallow tidal pool and was amazed at all the life!

On Saturday, I went to Linley Valley, up on a ridge at the end of Prince John Way. Some arbutus bark caught my eye:

And then this seed cluster that was catching the sun's rays:

And the variety of plants in what I had thought was merely moss:

And after many hopping pursuits I finally managed to get a shot of a grasshopper:

And then I pulled out my water spritzer and sprayed some plants. First, these arbutus berries:

This oak leaf with the tiny spider and web:

This interesting fungus (?) on a tree trunk:

And some more Oregon grape:

And lastly, these salal berries:

I love the way you can see the water droplets on the berries! And you'd never see the drops without the macro.

So now, I can walk somewhere that I've walked countless times before and make "new" photos. Over and over again!


  1. Great selection of great photos, John. Wonderful colour! Arlene B.

  2. Very nice John - good eye for detail & macro composition with great colors -- Dave T

  3. Great photos.
    Must be having fun.

    Little Bro